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The Root

4/4 Creations Spotlight

The Desert Flower: M.Dels Poetry

Living in the desert has taught me a lot about life.

The first lesson was preservation. Some beautiful plants in the desert survive all year round without any water. And when monsoon season comes, they fill up those reserves. This is the soul. We go through our seasons of drought where the hurt and strain are unforgiving. And yet we sustain because we filled ourselves with love, joy, and companionship during the season of relief.

The second lesson was discernment. You can’t just go to a desert plant and start taking parts away. You will get nicked by a cactus or hear the rattle of a snake telling you to use caution. And yet, the desert embraces those who have caring hands and walk with ease. That is how the heart should be, loving to love and firm to fear.

The last lesson was trust. Those who know, know. Trust your body. Trust your thirst. Trust that gut instinct that says, “Turn back, or you will lose.” You cannot conquer the desert. Its sun and endless miles of “we’re almost there” has claimed many souls. Be humble and know when you have gone the distance meant for you.

Living in the desert, in the wilderness like King David, hidden and protected, has taught me reservation, discernment, and trust. I am now one of its flowers, evolving under its protection, offering water and direction for those passing through. Whether you take it or not-

That is up to you.