Poetry by M.Dels

…a seedling in the wind again

floating to an unknown ground

Phellow Phoenix

Sweet baby, you have not begun to understand the flame within.

Although there have been those who touch, there are few that were enough.

Most recoil from molten walls, but we will hear the phoenix calls.

All will raise their heads to see us fly above earth’s majesties.

And take our place amongst the stars as we blaze darkness near and far.

Now tell the girls what they can be if they embrace being free.

Dope Witches

I’ve ran with some dope witches

rough women of cemented sin

that pathed the way to riches

for the generation after them.

Before you uplift the pretty

remember the women beneath

they are soiled, rooted and gritty

from chewing through death

with their teeth.

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