I’m baaack – Gassing Myself

Hello, hello! It has been a while, but I have a plausible excuse. I have been panhandling my poetry and networking at open mics.

Uploads of my open mic performances will come later in the summer. I can’t wait to share them with you! In the meantime, please enjoy a new piece I have been working on called, “Gassing Myself.” My new work will center on the different phases of womanhood.

Somehow, we have forgotten that women are people too. We go through the same ups and downs as everyone and deserve the same amount of grace. Please enjoy this poem about unapologetic empowerment.

*fist raised*

photo credit: “Speed Racer.” IMDb. 1990. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061300/

Gassing Myself

I am not ashamed of my beauty;
Of my strong jaw and firestorm eyes.
Not ashamed of the presence I own that bends iron clad knees to kiss the Round of my thighs.

No shame when I laugh with a rumble in my chest.
The precision of the hunter and the roar of the lioness.
You can’t break what life has broken.
Cannot uplift me as a token.
And think I will just bow my head and thank you for the pay.

Believe me when I say this:
Potlikker and bread gon’ be okay!

I don’t need gems or trinkets to convince you I am worthy.
Just the fact that you are lurking proves you window shop for me.
Just to say that you don’t see it,
Undermine, but try to seize it in that moment that I cut the price on who I am.

Gas myself,
Foot to the peddle,
I will never break again!

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It took me 20 years to see that I was calling back alleys home while keys to a mansion were in my pocket. Mom always said I misplace things, but I eventually find them.

– M.Dels

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