Cosmic Diamonds

I see beauty in black diamonds.
Scattered across the cosmos.
Most envy what they cannot control.

What man can only see,
But cannot touch.
Too busy pretending to conquer
Stars they cannot reach.

Yet, everyone sees, 
But we.
Fighting across lines drawn
By stealthy thieves.

They hide behind trees and
Watch us search for a free,
Lost at sea.

Not knowing our free
Is eternal.
They persecute our external,
But our destiny is in the sky.

We will never die!

Our blood flows like galaxies,
Unending and unseen by the human eye.
The only ships that can take us—

Are ships that fly.

M.Dels poetry
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Backwash is a collection of poetry based on the generational knowledge passed down by the author’s Afro-Caribbean family. Each poem embodies the lessons learned behind that knowledge and opens the door to conversations about healing and transformation.

Photography by Sonoran Muses

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