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chasing the sun

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Most Treasured

Sometimes.You have to standBy yourself. There is no one,They may try,But no one can Feel The tears you cry.Understand,The years of tried Steel Under fierce flames.Carved names on my flesh.Healed, scar tissues Become A veiled medal.For underneath isA power, vibrant, Gold Under the rising sun.I have become the elementOnly victors want. Poetry by M.Dels FollowContinue reading “Most Treasured”

Dead Plants

My mother could bring a dead plant to life. And I mean, dead; brown leaves and all. Most would throw a dead plant away. But mom would nurse it back to life. I would taunt her every time she went out to that garden and watered that barren, brown plant.  “Mom, that plant is deadContinue reading “Dead Plants”


Most women cannot understand.Scroll through my posts to comprehend.How one so flawed struts chin to sun,and owns the world as if she’s won. M.Dels

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