She is a flower with feet,

chasing the sun

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Hiding feels good.You cannot see me.You cannot readWhat I have not said. You cannot go to bedAnd reflect on the person you just met.Because I am hid,I am silent as the dead. I like being hid.It’s safe in the unknown.It’s comforting being alone,And not waiting by a phone. Not waiting for an invitation.Not waiting forContinue reading “Hiding”

Rest Stop

Photo by @twinsfisch via Unsplash / Prose by M.Dels I am lazy. Laying in the lap of lost energy. Joyful for my blessings. Blending into calm, no more strife or survival. I am embalmed with warmth. My chest rises and releases all stress. I did my best. M.Dels Follow me on Instagram @mdelspoetry Check outContinue reading “Rest Stop”

Liberating Lights

Sometimes, You have silent cheerleaders. Watching, waiting, wishing success for you. But too ashamed to say it because they are surrounded by hate. Pray for them to one day be free, And sit in unity with you and your blessings. They are lost just like you were, But they stood still, hoping a light showsContinue reading “Liberating Lights”

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